• Seismic adjustment of the hospital, Portoferraio, Island of Elba

    CARBON FIBRE CONSOLIDATION Navy Accademy, Livorno - Structural consolidation with carbon fibre, reconstruction vaulted ceiling...

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Design and implementation of projects for waterproofing, hanging gardens, dehumidification.

Incentivi bando inail fotovoltaico

Refurbishing and maintenance, restoration of architectural monuments and buildings, art restoration of murals, walls and wall cladding.

Fotovoltaico impianti elettrici

Electrical, water, HVAC and fire fighting systems.


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On 17 December, the city of Livorno was hit by a tornado. The installation (Photovoltaic Energy in Rigid Waterproofing) realized in 2011 on a home by the sea, subjected to winds of 127 km / h, has not undergone any problematic change.


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"Responsible for Waterproofing" Project

The infrastructure of the project is based on the will of the Company to offer its expertise at various levels and enable the long-term transfer of know-how and effective approaches to installation design. Read more

Historic Enterprises

Impresa Storica

Frangerini Company Ltd. was registered on the National Register of Historic Enterprises of Unioncamere.

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Interventi Speciali

Our history...

Impresa Storica

From our archives: the local news of the inauguration of the Hospital in Leghorn. Our strong contribution as social organization rooted in the territory for more than a century.